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Co-Kisser Annual Poetry-Film Festival

The Co-Kisser Poetry-Film Festival ran for three consecutive years —2011, 2012, 2013—as a comprehensive and international poetry-film festival.

The mission for the fest was to see how poets and filmmakers are defining the genre of poetry-films and to challenge and be inspired by any and all of these definitions. Find information and films from the past festivals in the festival archive, and watch additional festival films on our YouTube channel.

Co-Kisser is no longer hosting the festival. However, we still
LOVE poetry-films! If you have any questions about our festival,
please contact us via email or Facebook.

Co-Kisser Productions

In 2010, Jen March started Co-Kisser and made a poetry-film called SWIM.

SWIM is the story of a woman dealing with grief after the death of her mother, and struggling to find happiness and peace in living again. This film is based on the narrative arc in the short poetry collection SWIM by Jen March.

Read the poems & watch the film!

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